Event Post

Banditos of Bacon
1st Semi-Annual Rib Off... Again!

April 7th 2019
Miami, FL

Our buddies The Banditos of Bacon make fantastic cooking videos on YouTube.  We were delighted to help them execute their latest catering venture with some extra spice.  The 1st Semi-Annual Rib Off competition was a smashing success with those in attendance treated to over 8 different baby back rib preparations, amazing sides like the Mac & Cheatin’, garlic toast and fresh citrus coleslaw all while enjoying some delicious beer provided by Lagunitas!  And of course any rib dinner wouldn’t be complete without some amazing sauces, including the full Urban Legend lineup as well as some tasty BBQ sauces we made just for the event.  Can’t wait for the next event with the Banditos, always a good time!